Blame it on the Bright Wizard



As the UK suffers under the burning sun of the hottest day in a decade, the fifth and final hero has been revealed for Warhammer End Times: Vermintide, the Bright Wizard Sienna Fuegonasus. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

Click here to read the dev blog and find out more.

I’ve Fought My Share of Battles…



Markus Kruber, the war weary Empire Soldier, is the subject of the latest Vermintide character profile.

Visit their site to find out all about his gear, motivations, background and that magnificent moustache.

For bonus points, can you name the spell that wiped out his former unit?*

*Not actually a competition, but it is a pretty epic description.

What does the End sound like?



There’s a new dev blog up on the Vermintide website. This time we meet Jonas, the sound designer for Fat Shark. Follow this link to see what he has to say about working with award winning composer Jesper Kyd and how they approached the creation of the chaotic soundscape that accompanies The End Times.

Her reasons are her own…



Today, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Kerillian, the second character from Fat Shark’s forthcoming action shooter Vermintide to get the dev blog treatment. Visit their site to read the blog and find out about the enigmatic Waywatcher’s background, playstyle and weaponry.

Meet Victor Saltzpyre


Meet Victor Saltzpyre, Witch Hunter. Just as deadly with a rapier as he is with his trusty brace of pistols, this character is sure to be a popular choice for dispensing the Emperor’s judgement of the foul hordes of Skaven currently besieging Ubersreik.

Head over to the Vermintide page to read about Victor, his background, fighting style and how the character was developed.