Scale New Heights in Talisman Digital Edition

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The latest expansion for Talisman Digital Edition is now available to download for PC, Android and Kindle (iOS version will be released very shortly).

The Highland adds a new Region to the game for heroes to explore and over 100 new cards bring this mountainous realm vividly to life. Six brand-new characters – the Highlander, Sprite, Valkyrie, Rogue, Vampiress and Alchemist all offer fantastic new playing experiences.

Download yours today:

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Dare you enter the Dungeon?


The latest expansion for Talisman Digital Edition, The Dungeon, adds a new Depth of gameplay to the classic fantasy adventure game.

The Dungeon is the first Talisman Digital Edition expansion to add an entirely new piece to the standard board. It extends the possibilities for players by offering entirely new paths through the game. Following on from the The Reaper and Frostmarch expansion packs, the Dungeon plunges you below the world of Talisman into a fearful place packed with new perils. The Lord of Darkness stands watch over a vast treasure that also includes an alternative portal to the Crown of Command!

In addition to the new board piece, The Dungeon offers 5 new characters – Gladiator, Amazon, Swashbuckler, Gypsy and Philosopher – 128 Dungeon Cards, 20 Spell Cards, 10 Adventure Cards and 10 Treasure Cards.