Repent! For tomorrow you die!

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The new DLC pack for Space Hulk Ascension sees the noble Sons of the Lion enter the fray. Clad in their bone coloured plate and dark hoods, the Deathwing terminators of the Dark Angels Chapter present a new way to purge the xenos menace that is infesting the rotting Space Hulk. Unleash destruction with the Plasma Cannon and new psychic powers and protect your Chapters sacred geneseed with the Apothecary. Not only that, but the Bringer of Sorrow Campaign adds another 40 new levels.

Download today on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux to take advantage of the limited time introductory price.


Hot deals on Space Hulk Ascension


Full Control are on fire right now! Not only have we had the recent Salamanders DLC release (get it? ‘On fire’!), Space Hulk Ascension is now available for a reduced price on Steam. You can save 40% on the core game as well as reduced prices on the DLC Chapter packs.
This offer will only last until the 9th of March, so make sure you don’t miss out.
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Born of Flame


Preceded by the cloying fug of prometheum fumes, the Salamanders are now ready to deploy in Space Hulk Ascension, only available through Steam.

With new campaign missions, specialist flamer weaponry and the brand new Pyromantic psychic powers, this DLC pack is perfect for those wishing to cleanse the xenos filth with the Emperor’s holy flame.

Click the link to download now.


Space Hulk Ascension – A New Chapter


The latest addition to Space Hulk Ascension has just been added to the Steam store. Now you can take control of the noble Imperial Fists including their own unique campaign and the Tarantula support weapon.

Click the link for more info and to take advantage of the 20% discount which is available for a limited time only.


For the Emperor. For Sanguinius.


We’ve been getting really excited recently with the release of Shield of Baal: Deathstorm. In particular, the thought of getting our hands on the brand new Blood Angels Captain reminded us of just how fun it is to take control of these armoured behemoths and smite the xenos scum that threaten the Imperium.

So, of course, we turned to the recently released Space Hulk Ascension to scratch that itch. If you haven’t seen it before, Space Hulk Ascension is a brand new Space Hulk game that allows you to pit your customisable squad of terminators against a veritable horde of genestealers that have infested the titular Space Hulk. And if Blood Angels aren’t your cup of tea, you can also choose to play as the noble Ultramarines or the vicious Space Wolves.

Space Hulk Ascension is available to download now via Steam.


A New edition of Space Hulk Launches Today


Space Hulk Ascension launches on Steam today, offering a whole new experience for lovers of this classic boardgame series and new players alike.

  • Play as three different chapters, the classic Blood Angels, brutal Space Wolves or noble Ultramarines.
  • Embark on individual campaigns.
  • Level up your Space Marines.
  • Customise your squads.
  • Encounter all manner of Genestealer strains.

Check out the release trailer:

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