News From the City of the Damned

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The latest update to Mordheim: City of the Damned has just hit Steam Early Access. Packed with features including consumables and single use items, an improved strategic view and new maps, this latest update adds to an already impressive game.

If you’ve not bought in yet, make sure you act quickly as there’s currently a 33% discount to celebrate the latest update.

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Mordheim – Early Access Stage 5 is Here

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The latest update to Morheim: City of the Damned’s Early Access on Steam launched today.

This new addition contains a host of features including:

– The Possessed Mutation system

– 2 new maps, one unique and one procedural

– The Rune system which allows players to upgrade their weapons and more

– Other long awaited systems like offline chat and combat logs.

Buy your copy today to make sure you take advantage of the Early Access discount.


Mordheim Levels Up


The latest update to Mordheim: City of The Damned is now available via Steam Early Access.

Featuring 3 new playable maps, countless new spells and max level warbands, this new update is set to add loads to your game experience.

What’s more, the game has been upgraded to the new Unity 5 Engine, ensuring that the play is smoother and better looking than ever before.

Join the Early Access or update your copy today.


Mordheim: City of the Damned now on Steam Early Access


Mordheim: City of the Damned is now available to buy on Steam Early Access. Buying now gives you access to the game in its current stage of development. Features include:

– 2 Warbands: Mercenaries of the Empire & Skaven

– 4 maps for both solo and multiplayer modes

– Tutorials to learn how to play

Features will continue to be added throughout the Early Access period until the full game launch, to which you will continue to have access. This also gives you the unique opportunity to help shape the game with your feedback. As a thank you for this, the Early Access game includes a 20% discount.

To find out more, watch the gameplay video or follow the link to the Steam page for full details.