No Peace Among The Stars


For millennia, unrelenting and impenetrable Warp Storms closed off the Herakon Cluster from the rest of the galaxy, concealing its ancient treasures and valuable
resources. Now, although scattered Warp Storms still occur, a safe passage has opened at last. The most formidable forces of the galaxy are rapidly descending upon the Herakon Cluster, bringing death and destruction in their wake. They will stop at nothing to control this sector, and are ready to drench its worlds in the blood of millions and scorch them with the ravenous flames of war.
In a sector this rich with untapped potential and ancient treasures, there can be no
peace, only eternal war between viciously competing factions. Will you lead your armies to victory and be hailed as a conquering hero, or will you perish in the Herakon Cluster your name fading into oblivion?

In Forbidden Stars, two to four players command massive armies and battle to claim the Herakon Cluster at any cost. Over the course of the game, you and your opponents will occupy unclaimed worlds, build up your forces, expand your strategic options, and clash in glorious interplanetary battles. You have eight rounds to seize glorious victory by retrieving your faction’s objectives… or succumb to bitter defeat at the hands of your opponents.
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