Fly The Flag



Calling all budding artists and artisans. Do you want to honour your Chapter? If so, you need to enter the new competition from Complex Games for the Horus Heresy: Drop Assault.
You have until the first of May to submit your design for a Chapter Banner. Five winners will be chosen and their designs will be incorporated into the game for all to use! Not only that, but each winner will also receive a significant stack of Machine Spirit to further their war effort.
So, whether you walk in the Emperor’s light or follow Horus the Warmaster, get sketching and submit your designs.
Follow this linkfor terms and conditions.

War on a New Front

640x300_GWpromo (1)
Drop assault, the Horus Heresy mobile game, has just landed on Android via the Google Play store. If you’ve been waiting for this one to drop (see what we did there?), then your wait is over.
Choose your Legion, build your defences, muster your troops and lay waste to your enemies on the blasted surface of Isstvan III.
Watch the trailer below and click this link to download your copy.

Free Horus Heresy Game


Drop onto the virus-bombed surface of Istvaan III and take command of one of four Space Marine Legions, choose your allegiance and take part in one of the first conflicts in a war that shattered the galaxy.
Horus Heresy: Drop Assault is out now for iOS devices (don’t worry Android users, your version is coming soon) and free to download. Muster your forces, crush your enemies and seek glory in battle.
Download your copy today.

News from Istvaan III

You may have noticed that this week’s White Dwarf contains an article on Drop Assault, announcing it’s availability on the App Store. Unfortunately, as we all know, the winds of the Warp are tricky at best, and in this case have resulted in a delay in the launch, but fear not, the Mechanicum Adepts at Complex games are working hard as we speak to get the game out as soon as possible.

In the meantime, checkout this awesome unit showcase of the Legion Predator.

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