Blood On The Stage



The stage is set. Round up your combatants and prepare to enter the Arena!

That’s right, Dark Nexus Arena (the brand new PC MOBA) has now launched it’s Early Access weekends. Visit their site to get your key and prepare to pit your chosen Veteran against the unknowable horrors that reside within the Wych Arenas of Commorragh.

The Sounds of Slaughter


With their Alpha Access launching this weekend, the folks over at Whitebox have lifted the lid on what you can expect for the soundtrack of Dark Nexus Arena, their PC MOBA set in the Dark Eldar Wych arenas on Commoragh.

BAFTA award winning composer Jeff van Dyck, who is known for his work on Alien: Isolation and the Total War series, is the man behind this epic score.

Visit the site to hear a sneak preview of the score and pick up your Early Access Pack. See you in the arena.

Announcing a Brand New Warhammer 40,000 MOBA

In the Wych arenas of Commoragh, bonds like loyalty and allegiance are swiftly forgotten, leaving only the desperate struggle to survive.

Dark Nexus Arena, a brand new Warhammer 40,000 MOBA from Whitebox Interactive puts you in control of a veteran warrior drawn from an array of races across the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Thrown together in two teams, you battle for the amusement of your captors.

Visit the website to find out more and see how you can get involved with Early Access.