Your watch begins now


You have always wanted to be a part of the Deathwatch, right?

Fighting through Hive Ships, Imperial cities, and desert wastes, facing down the worst that the Tyranids can throw at you with an elite kill team chosen from the Dark Angels, Imperial Fists, Black Templars, Space Wolves, Ultramarines, and Blood Angels, watching them become stronger and more skilled with each kill and completed mission – this is your duty as a Watch Commander.

And that duty begins now, because Deathwatch: Enhanced Edition is out today on Steam for PC.

It’s a complete game where you collect new weapons and Space Marines by playing, so you pay once now and play forever.

And it’s currently at a special introductory price to celebrate its launch.

Click the link and add it to your Steam Library.

Who will be in your Kill Team?


Deathwatch: Enhanced Edition is out this Friday, on Steam for PC. The new game play trailer gives you a glimpse at the incredible choice you have when building your Kill Teams.

If you want to purge the Tyranids in a storm of fire, you can create a Kill Team of Long Fangs and Masters of Relics, and then top it off with an Imperial Fists Devastator. Or you can crush them in close combat with a team of Black Templar Assault Marines, backed up by an Ultramarines Tyrannic War Veteran, and led by a Sanguinary Guard. In fact you have thousands of possible squad combinations. (If you’ve played the iPad edition, you’ll have noticed a few new Chapters in that list.)

That’s without the 154 weapons, and pieces of equipment that you can collect through play.

Watch the video, and see for yourself.