Man of the Match

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Howdy sports fans! We’ve got a brand new trailer for Blood Bowl 2 for you today. This time, we introduce the Human teams. Feast your eyes on the gameplay footage, combat animations and more.

When you’ve watched that the requisite five times, head on over to the new look Blood Bowl website for all of the latest details.


New Teams Added

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The team roster for Blood Bowl’s tablet edition (available on iOS, Android and Kindle) has just been increased. You can now download and play with both Lizardmen and Dark Elf teams.

The Lizardmen bring their customary saurian strength and cold blooded resilience, whereas the Dark Elves play a more subtle game, filled with assassins and dirty tactics.

To celebrate the increased roster, Blood Bowl is now available at a staggering 80% discount.

Click the links below to visit their page.

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